For sellers

Looking for a buyer?


OMNIA Super Yachts Ltd. buys yachts from private sellers, if the yachts live up to our size requirements of at least 80 feet, and if the yachts are suited for charter and has been well maintained.

We primarily look to buy yachts docked in Europe, but we are interested in hearing from you wherever in the world your yacht is docked.

We prioritise discretion, and we are able to buy the yachts quickly and discretely for our clients, who are not interested in any public exposure.


OMNIA Super Yachts Ltd. take over yachts from banks, when their clients are unable to pay off their debt, and the bank has mortgage on the boat. We are able to buy distressed yachts up-front, but we are not looking for fully priced, brand new yachts.

We offer a quick trade, and we can take over the yacht fully financed, as we understand your need of selling the yacht after it has been reprocessed.

We are happy to start a client relationship with any bank and to have you involved or on the sidelines depending on the client and the bank's situation.


OMNIA Super Yachts Ltd. buys yachts from curators, when the owner of the yacht has gone bankrupt. If you are looking to sell a yacht at spot price, we are able to fully finance the purchase ourselves.

We offer you a quick trade paying up-front with few requirements: The yacht must be suitable for charter, and it must be between 80 and 150 feet long.