For clients

Two ways of chartering


OMNIA Group is a multi-family office, which offers wealth management services for our clients. By becoming part of our family office, the return created by OMNIA's wealth management services can be used as payment for chartering our yachts.

This way, the return pays for your lifestyle, and you will feel like you have a yacht available at your disposal free of charge, as the yacht will be part of your family office portfolio.

At OMNIA Super Yachts, we offer a fixed income product as part of our family office services. Depending on your risk profile and the amount invested, you will be able to charter our yachts for the desired period. Being part of OMNIA's family office includes in-house services and high-end management. When chartering through OMNIA Super Yachts, we offer the full service package in order to give you an unforgettable yachting experience.


OMNIA Super Yachts Ltd. offers regular chartering of our yachts with prices ranging from EUR 45.000 to 90.000 per week.

At OMNIA Super Yachts Ltd., we see endless opportunities in yacht chartering for multiple purposes. Whether you are looking for a private vacation or for a venue for a party, fundraising or charity event, film set, etc., OMNIA Super Yachts Ltd. is able to offer the yacht, which fulfils your needs and desires.