OMNIA Super Yachts Ltd.

A unique yacht chartering and investment company bringing new aspects to the yacht industry with our alternative approach to financing and chartering

OMNIA Super Yachts Ltd. buys distressed yachts from private sellers, banks and curators who are looking to sell quickly at spot price, for us to engage in chartering of these yachts. We are bringing new aspects to this otherwise conservative world with our approach.


The unique aspects of OMNIA Super Yachts Ltd. are the combination of innovative, alternative financing and proactive chartering for the maximisation of experience for our charter clients. Furthermore, we offer two ways of chartering: Our clients can either charter through our online portal as regular charter, or, as a unique aspect of OMNIA Super Yachts Ltd., they can charter by becoming part of OMNIA’s family office – we call it our zero-sum charter. By becoming part of our family office, the return created by OMNIA’s wealth management services can be used as payment for charter.

You can read more about our family office, OMNIA MFO, here.